TITLE     Financial Liverpool founded 26th January 2013

The club shall be known as Financial Liverpool (formerly the Merseyside Life and Pensions Society) and is affiliated to The Insurance Institute of Liverpool.


1. To encourage the practice of and promotion of good quality financial advice by offering monthly meetings which are aimed at maintaining and improving the members levels of knowledge and competence in accordance with FSA and where appropriate any other CPD required by other governing bodies.

2. To engage with other professional service providers in order to be able to facilitate other financial and legal needs of clients.

3. To work closely with The Insurance Institute of Liverpool and local PFS members in order to strengthen the Merseyside Insurance and Financial Services sector.

4. To create an environment where FS professionals can network in a relaxed and informal environment


1. The club is available to all Financial Advisers whether restricted or independent and welcomes all PFS members irrespective of their individual roles ( PFS members are not required to pay membership fees )

2. The committee reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who they do not think will be a valuable member of the community. The committee will always provide reasons for their decision.

3. All employees of FS companies are invited to join and should submit their application to the membership secretary for consideration by the committee.


1. The annual subscription is £50.00 per company  which entitles any number of employees to attend meetings. Attendance should be notified in the normal way.

2. In the case of new members subscriptions must be paid within 31 days of the committees acceptance.

3. All subscriptions are payable to the Treasurer within 31 days of the AGM and can be made by either cheque or bank transfer.


1. The club will essentially be a members club and will be conducted independently of any personal interests.

2. The club will be governed by a committee consisting of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, membership Secretary and a communications officer. The committee and officials will be elected for the year at the AGM. In the case of a vacancy occurring the committee will appoint another person to fill the vacancy until the next AGM.

3. The AGM will be held during the January meeting where the committee will present a report and balance sheet to be adopted by the members.

4. If any member wishes to stand for a committee position they must advise the secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM giving reasons why they wish to be elected to the committee. In such instances then those members attending the AGM will be asked to vote on the most appropriate member for the position.

5. All members are expected to behave in a manner which does not bring the club or the sector into disrepute. Failure to abide by or a breach of the rules will result in the committee deciding whether to revoke the membership.


1. In the event that Financial Liverpool should cease to exist then all monies in the bank account will be distributed to its nominated charities or the charities supported by The Insurance Institute of Liverpool.


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